Precision Advocates in the Media

No. 100: Capitol Weekly’s Top 100

100. Amy Jenkins

It wasn’t that long ago (2015, cough, cough) that the cannabis industry was derided or dismissed outright at the Capitol, and pot advocates were seen as hopeless outsiders. No more. With the passage of Proposition 64, the longtime outlaw industry is quickly being transformed into the “Green Rush,” and lobbyist Amy Jenkins has positioned herself as one of the go-to advocates for the cannabis industry. As a lobbyist for the blue chip Platinum Advisors firm and senior policy director at the California Cannabis Industry Association, Jenkins brings prestige and expertise to a trade more associated with jeans and Birkenstocks than tailored suits. Before joining Platinum in 2014, she served as chief of staff to Sen. Lou Correa, and before that, she was a program director for the League of California Cities. Nicknamed “Pot Girl” in a glowing April 2017 profile by Dan Morain, Jenkins has carved a unique niche in a unique industry: “Jenkins, having seized an opportunity to get in early, is shaping laws that will affect a newly legalized and commercialized business for years to come.”

Mary Creasey